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Project List

2016      --Food Town Urban Design, China Food Valley, Weifang city, China

               --Zhong Meide Gynecological Hospital, interior design, Qingdao, China


2015      --Hostel design, Kamakura, Japan

               --Luxury apartment interior design, Ede-Stationsweg-Ericalaan, Netherlands

               --Gailanxi, housing mixed with commercial, Haier Road, Chongqing, China


2014      --Xuanhan riverfront corridor, landscape design, Xuanhan, Sichuan, China

              --Beiqibu neighborhood center, architecture, interior and landscape design, Tianjin, China, by contexturearchitects

               --National advertising park, office building and landscape design, Qingdao, China, by contexturearchitects


2013      --Licang New Town C5,C2 plots, Qingdao, China, residential building with commercial plinth design, by contexturearchitects

               --Ede wijkcentrum HNL, architecture design and interior design, Ede, Netherlands, by contexturearchitects


2012       --“A Billboard on 1st Ave” U.N. Headquarter for Sustainability, East River bank, Manhattan, NYC-- Graduation project of

                Materialization SADD studio at Tudelft;

                --“DIY Farm” ----San Lorenzo Market 2035, Florence, Italy, workshop “Urban Eco Acupuncture Florence: 2035 – 2012”, work

                together with colleagues from Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab (VEIL) of the Melbourne School of Design, Department of

                Architectural Engineering and Technology of Tudelft as well as NYU La Pietra Dialogues;


2011      --“City in the city”, Mediatheque, Casablanca, Morocco, Public Realm Msc1 studio at Tudelft;

               --Sustainable redesign of BK city, Delft, Netherlands,  Msc1, Tudelft;


2009      --“Twist and Fly” high-rise hotel Design, Xiamen, China, B.Arch4 , HIT

               --"Scientists' magic cube", observation station design, Somme(river) in Picardy, northern France, B.Arch 4, HIT

               --“You and Me” Furniture design Competition of Rochebobois Design Award China 2009

               --“Expanding Square” Community Center, Harbin, China, B.Arch3 HIT


2008      --Dwelling for Low income families, B.Arch3 at HIT


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