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Opal Bracelet for sale

9 beautiful natural Opals (8*6mm) are made into a bracelet by Pink Gold. The fresh and light color tone of the bracelet will match your outfit in all cases.

Ingredients: Natural Opals (each of them varies a little in flame and color)

Length: 17cm

Price: 590 Euros (excluding shipping cost and VAT)

Designer: Yilin Wang

Manufactured in China

If you like Opal and the design of bracelet, please share it.

If you want to buy it, please let me know. I also need to know the perimeter of your wrist and the length will be adjusted. You will receive the bracelet within 20 working days by shipping.

If you like Opal and you would like a unique design for yourself or a special gift for important person, you are always welcome to contact me. I have suppliers of good quality Opal and good jewelers to make it for you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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