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Opal Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold

The Design:

The whole design is exquisite and delicate. The various colors and flames of those 5 Opals remind me of galaxies in the universe, which gives us infinite imaginations.

The biggest Opal in the middle is 7mm in diameter, with a gorgeous and changing flame from pink to green; those two medium-sized Opals are 5mm in diameter, which assemble Deep Ocean with a changing flame from blue to purple. Those two smallest ones are 4mm in diameter with similar flames like the biggest one.


Ingredients: Natural white Opals (with different flame and color)

Length: 40.3-46.0cm (perfect length just below collarbones)

Price: 890 Euros (excluding shipping cost and VAT)

Designer: Yilin Wang

Hand-made in China


You will receive the product within 20 working days by shipping after the payment.

If you like Opal and you would like a unique design for yourself or a special gift for an important person, feel free to contact me. I have suppliers of good quality Opal and good jewelers to make it for you.

If you like Opal and the design of bracelet, please share it, thank you.

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